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Our past event as Official Canine First Responder Team




Pet Fiesta by Nee Soon GRC

Pawfect Health Day by NKF • Pet Fiesta by Nee Soon GRC • Fur Friends Fiesta by HomeTeamNS

Pet Fiesta by Nee Soon GRC • Pet Expo 2017 Singapore's largest pet fair • Woof-a-thon 2017 (coming soon)

Sharing one of our recent incidents in 2017 Pet Fiesta @ Nee Soon GRC as Canine First Responder Team

We attended to a toy poodle who was immobilized and laid on the floor on his side unable to stand. Owner was in a panic and kept shaking the dog and cover her hands on the dog’s mouth. We were alerted and provided assistance to the toy poodle. An injury assessment was done and looked out for signs for shock, heat stroke and keep checking on it circulation (weather was very warm and the dog kept panting). During injury assessment, the dog reacted with a scream and showed signs of pain. It was his right hind leg that caused his immobility. We got the owner to alert the vet and accompany her and her dog to the vet clinic. A follow-up with the vet clinic and it was a soft tissue injury. Followed up with the dog owner and it is recovering well and back to its happy spirit!